Banana Bread Doughnuts

Prep Time 30mins
Total Time 30-60mins
Serves 1 loaf

½ cup olive oil   

3 ripe bananas  

½ cup honey or maple syrup  

3 tbsp chia seeds 

½  water   

1 ½ cup gluten free flour  

2  tablespoons baking powder  

150 ml coconut water  

½ cup walnuts  



Recipe Name: Vegan Chia Banana Bread 

Difficulty: Medium 

Serves: 1 loaf 

Time: 20-30 minutes


Preheat oven to 180


First start by making your chia egg; simply mix chia seeds and water together in a bowl and let sit for 30 minute until absorbed.


Mix butter, banana, honey and chai egg in a food processor or mixing bowl until smooth, Sift in flour and baking powder, mix well until combined .


Transfer batter into a cake, muffin or doughnut tin then bake for 20-30 minutes or until the bread is golden and skewer comes out clean .


Serve with whatever garnishes you have on hand.