Gift of food

In essence, gift-giving is a beautiful thing. But, the crazy rise in consumerism and the consumption of recent decades — not to mention the added pressures of FOMO and constant comparison of social media — has seen the buying and giving of gifts at Christmas turn into a pretty wasteful exercise for many of us. 

This year, why not fight the urge to have and give more “things” and instead give the gift of food? Taking the time to give a gift you made yourself is the perfect way to share the joy and love that this time of year is really about. Whether it’s taking a plate of treats into the office, adding something sweet to your Christmas stockings, or dropping off a basket of goodies to your loved ones to enjoy over the holidays, you’d be surprised just how easy and appreciated this gift is.  Get a little creative with the packaging (we love vintage tins!) and you’ll also be leaving behind a practical kitchen accessory. 

Here are a few of our favourite treats that make perfect gifts this time of year: 

  • Chia Christmas Mince Tarts
    This classic Christmas treat is sweet, spicy and delicious! Here’s how > 
  • Gingerbread People
    These delicious ginger biscuits are cute and so much fun to decorate! Here’s how >
  • Chia Jam Drops
    A great chewy biscuit that’s perfect for the whole family. Here’s how > 
  • Bitter Orange Chia Cake
    Bitter orange and creamy coconut make an elegant flavour match for this perfect tea cake. Here’s how > 
  • Chocolate Chia Cookies
    Simple, yet delicious. You can never go wrong with chocolate! Here’s how >
  • Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin pie is a holiday classic, and these small vegan versions make a great gift. Here’s how>
  • Vegan Sausage Rolls
    Change it up from the usual sweet treats and make these savoury bite-sized beauties. Here’s how >
  • Chia Egg Nog
    Another classic Christmas treat! Find some vintage glass bottles to package your egg nog in, and draw a few handwritten labels. Here’s how >