Chia Seed Black

Our Australian Grown chia seeds are bursting with fibre, omega 3 and protein. We guarantee the high quality nutrition in each chia seed as we sustainably grow it ourselves in the pristine Kimberley Region of Western Australia. We bring chia to you in its simplest form, pure, clean and sun ripened.


Chia Seed White

We farm chia sustainably in the perfect environment in The Kimberleys of Western Australia being within 15 degrees of the equator. This latitude provides the ideal day length for chia to develop the highest levels of omega-3 oils. Our crops are irrigated to ensure the perfect amount of water, and we let our chia ripen naturally in the sun.


Chia Oil

Chia Oil is a mild tasting omega 3 oil, great for those looking to boost their intake of plant based omega 3, an essential fatty acid required for healthy body function.


Why The Chia Co. Products?

At The Chia Co. we are passionate about positive plant based nutrition and the neutral flavour of chia means you can add them to all your favourite foods to boost the nutrition, without impacting the taste.

For ideas on how to include more chia in your diet, see our recipes page.

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