Five minute chia jam

Prep Time 5 min
Total Time 5 min
Serves 1-2
For the Chia Jam
4 tbsp. The Chia Co chia seeds
PRESS London strawberry, apple, lemon & mint juice OR red fruit juice
1 heaped tsp. beetroot powder

Toast & Toppings
Wholegrain seeded toast
Coconut yoghurt
Crushed pistachios

This antioxidant-packed low-sugar jam alternative comes with a good dose of fibre, protein, and healthy fats, the perfect combination to balance blood sugar and keep hunger at bay.

Here’s how:

In a bowl, stir strawberry juice with chia seeds and beetroot powder. Let this sit for 5 minutes whilst stirring regularly.

Spread coconut yoghurt over toast.

Using a teaspoon, top coconut yoghurt with chia jam.

Sprinkle over crushed pistachios.

Image courtesy of Georgia Gold.