Seasonable sides

Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner and looking to pad out the table or have been asked to bring a dish to contribute to someone else’s, coming up with a salad or side dish that will really impress can be a bit tricky. Especially if you’re looking for something a little less naughty to combat the rest of the holiday calorie attack!

But, all is not lost. Put the iceberg down and take a look at these creative, healthy and delicious side dishes created by our in-house chef – guaranteed to impress even the fussiest eater. In fact, these sides are so good they could even give those main acts a run for their money!

Chickpea & Roast Beetroot Dip
Earthy, nutty chickpeas are balanced with sweet roasted beetroot in this delicious dip. Serve with corn chips, vegetable sticks, or use as a base for sandwiches.

Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pies
This sweet and spicy traditional winter dessert gets a dairy-free makeover thanks to the Vanilla Chia Pod! Easy to make and so good to eat, even the carnivores at your table will be begging for a second helping.

Tuscan White Bean Chia and Kale

It’s a salad but not like any you’ve experienced before! Hearty white beans and kale make this dish the perfect lunch or dinner plate, we love ours topped with a poached egg.

Chia Mocha
Ok ok, so when we said ‘less naughty’ we didn’t mean totally treat free! There is a time and a place for everything; and Christmas in the northern hemisphere is definitely the right time and place for this sweet drink. The best news? Add a swig of Baileys or Kahlua and you’ve got a warm, relaxing nightcap ready to go.