Women’s Health Week

From 3—7 September we’ve been celebrating Women’s Health Week here in Australia – a week dedicated to encouraging all women to make their own health a priority.

Research has shown time and time again that the two biggest barriers to women maintaining a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’ and ‘health not being a priority’. So, Women’s Health Week is a great annual reminder to women that it’s time to put themselves first, and start making positive changes that can last a lifetime.

The good news is that making health a priority doesn’t have to mean a full life overhaul – sometimes, the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favourite simple health hacks that can help all women – from busy mums, to students, to career power babes – make their own health a daily priority.

Start with water

As soon as you get up in the morning, drink a glass of room temperature water. Water helps to clear our system, keeps you hydrated, gets your metabolism started, and can flush out toxins. Add a slice of lemon or lime if you need a little flavour.


Skip the snooze and make use of the extra ten minutes to give your body a gentle wake-up from its slumber. Take a few deep breaths and gently stretch your back, legs, and your neck. Stretching in the morning increases blood flow to your muscles,  boosts your oxygen levels, and helps set your body up for the day ahead. Here are five of our favourite morning stretches.

Fuel right

Many of us can be tempted to skip breakfast on busy mornings. But having a nutritious breakfast should be a priority for everyone. Not only does breakfast give your body a burst of energy and get that metabolism revving, it also provides an opportunity to fuel your body with important nutrients such as protein and fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins. The best news? A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated — try our immune-boosting Tropical Breakfast Bowl, our Banana Chia Overnight Oats, or if you’re in a real rush, simply grab one of our ready-to-go Chia Pods Oats+Quinoa Cranberry and Coconut.

Move it

We all know the health benefits of physical activity, but for those of us with busy schedules and long days, finding time for a workout can be next to impossible. If squeezing in a gym session is just not possible for you, why not look for ways to include more movement in your everyday? Use the stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk on your lunch break, or try biking to or from work. Take advantage of any possibility to be more physically active. Research shows that as little as two hours of walking over the course of a week can improve heart health. So let’s get moving! 

Get good sleep

Not getting enough sleep can make us feel tired, irritable, and can reduce our ability to concentrate throughout the day. It can also have significant impact on our physical health, especially heart health. So, it’s important to do what you can to help make sure you’re getting at least eight quality hours of sleep each night. If you struggle to switch-off at night, a few tricks can help set the mood for bed-time: avoid screens for an hour before bed, limit your caffeine throughout the day, and try a spritz of lavender water on your bed linens.