Treat yourself

We believe that when it comes to living your fullest, happiest and most healthy life, balance is everything. And that means that we fully support your right to let your hair down and have fun with food, rather than sticking to rigid rules and dietary restrictions day-after-day. Over the holidays it is super important that you give yourself permission to enjoy eating with your family and friends — nobody likes the Christmas calorie grinch!

Thankfully, it’s easy to have the best of both worlds. Healthy recipes have come a long way in the past few years and there is a world of options for creating healthy-ish treats that are as delicious as you deserve them to be.

Whether filling your own Christmas table or bringing a plate to someone else’s celebration, here are a few of our favourite festive recipes that are the right balance of naughty and nice:

Chewy Chia Museli Bars
These little bite-sized beauties are great to store in the fridge for whenever you need a snack, but also make a great little gift wrapped in kitchen paper and tied with a bow!
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Mini Chocolate Tarts
No allergens? No problem! These delicious little chocolate tarts are vegan and gluten-free — the perfect sweet treat for everyone these holidays.
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Labneh Dip with Crudites 
Skip the store-bought hummus and impress your loved ones with this homemade labneh! Use it as a dip for your favourite veggie sticks, as a spread on sandwiches, or a dressing for salads.
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