Seasonable side dishes

Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner and looking to pad out the table or have been asked to bring a dish to contribute to someone else’s, coming up with a salad or side dish that will really impress can be a bit tricky. Especially if you’re looking for something a little less naughty to combat the rest of the holiday calorie attack! 

But, all is not lost. Put the iceberg down and take a look at these creative, healthy and delicious side dishes created by our in-house chef – guaranteed to impress even the fussiest eater. In fact, these sides are so good they could even give those main acts a run for their money! 

Chickpea & Roast Beetroot Dip
Earthy, nutty chickpeas are balanced with sweet roasted beetroot in this delicious dip. Serve with corn chips, vegetable sticks, or use as a base for sandwiches.

Zaatar Haloumi Salad
When we said that these sides could actually be used as main dishes, this is exactly what we were talking about. This salad will be the unsung hero on your Christmas table, especially if you have any vegetarians on the guest list.

Grilled Avocado Bellies
Um yes, these are adorable. They are also delicious, fresh and bursting with all those bright summer flavours. If you’re looking for the perfect BBQ dish, this is your guy.

Chia Lamingtons
Ok ok, so when we said ‘less naughty’ we didn’t mean totally treat free! There is a time and a place for everything; and Christmas in Australia is definitely the right time and place for these sweet delights. Bake a double batch and you’ll have something in the pantry to offer those unexpected guests, too.