Farm Life

Have you been watching SBS’ Born to Cook, Jack Stein Downunder? If you caught last weekend’s episode you would know that Jack Stein paid a visit to our chia farm in Kununurra, Western Australia!

We were super excited to host Jack on a visit to our farm, and to introduce him to the home of our Australian Grown chia. He spent the day with John Foss, our CEO and Founder, along with Farmer Fritz to learn all about plant-based nutrition and  how our chia is sustainably farmed in the ideal environment to achieve the highest nutrition.

We put Jack through his paces on the farm, and introduced him to the challenges of water syphoning – our sustainable farming alternative to pumping water.  Lets just say that it’s a good thing that Jack can cook better than pumping water! The episode finishes with Jack’s recipe for chia pizza with szechuan pineapple and tomato.