World Hunger Day

Sunday 28 May was World Hunger Day – a globally recognised day that aims to inspire people to show their support for the women, men and children that are ending their own hunger and poverty.

Hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide, greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. And, contrary to what most people think, chronic hunger isn’t just caused by war or famine – it persists when people lack the opportunity to earn enough income, to be educated and gain skills, to meet basic health needs and to have a voice in the decisions that affect their community.

Improving global nutrition has always been a foundational goal for us at The Chia Co. We know that many of the world’s greatest health problems come from people not having access to healthy, nutritious food – and it’s something we’re determined to do what we can to help improve.

World Hunger Day is an initiative by The Hunger Project. Started in 2011, it aims to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. It’s about raising awareness of chronic hunger and about celebrating the achievements of millions of people who are already taking actions to improve their situation.

We encourage you to support The Hunger Project’s campaign in any way you can – whether by sharing the message through your social channels, getting involved in one of The Hunger Projects local events, or by donating via their website.