Healthy hacks for back to school, with Joyce Haddad

Celebrating the start of a new school year, we’ve teamed up with Dietitian and Nutritionist, Joyce Haddad, to curate some simple hacks to help make getting back to school that little bit smoother.

Between school uniform and shoe fittings to stationery orders and new book lists, we know most parents have a lot of school prep on their plate this time of year. But one thing that you needn’t stress about is keeping those lunchboxes packed with exciting snacks and meals that are both nutritious and tasty.

“I often see parents that want the best for their kid’s health, but their overflowing schedules get in the way,” shares Joyce. “To celebrate the year ahead, I have developed some easy healthy hacks to kick-start the new school term.”

1. Make time for breakfast as a family meal
Try to sit down as a family at mealtimes, to help kids understand the importance of every meal.
2. After school munchies
Ensure healthy snacks are ready in the car or in the fridge to avoid making poor snack choices at home.
3. Implement a new rule
Help encourage your kids to empty their lunchboxes with this new rule: any left-over food in lunchbox becomes the after-school snack.
4. Manage expectations
Eating a balanced meal at school is important but it is not the end of the world, instead be a positive role model whilst at home.
5. Step up your steps
Try parking the car further away from your usual pick up spot to give you both the chance to get in more steps in and catch up on your day.
6. Get kids involved
By including kids in the lunchbox preparation, this will allow them to be more excited about eating their food and getting ready for school.
7. Mindful meals
Avoid electronic devices during meal times, to encourage both table manners and mindful eating.
8. Get your grocery gang together
Include kids in the weekly grocery shop as this will ensure they learn where healthy food in the supermarket is kept and understand what preparation goes into a healthy school lunch.