Get friendly

This is fast becoming the flavor of the summer season for the Chia Pod squad, and it’s no surprise why –  if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or in-betweener that tastes great and keeps you fueled for a busy day, this little ready-to-eat wonder is your guy.

Coconut Chia Pod is minimal cool at its best: Coconut flakes blended with creamy coconut milk and sun ripened chia seeds. If it were on Tinder, you’d swipe right… Right? But it’s better than a bad date. In fact, if Coconut Chia Pod were a person, you’d be best buds in an instant.

Gets along well with others.

It’s so great to have a friend that you know won’t pick fights or upset others in your social group. Coconut Chia Pod has a clean, fresh taste which means it works great with pretty much everything. Eat it on its own, or stir through with granola. Top it with nuts, or fruit, or both. Do what you like, and Coconut Chia Pod will play nice.

Got your back.

Your human friends offer support, love and much-needed ego props when you’re having a bad day. Coconut Chia Pod is here to make you feel make you feel good, too. Chia seeds are packed with fiber, plant protein and omega-3 ALA to give you energy, boost hydration, and improve digestion. Combine this with the healthy fats from coconut, and you’ve got a delicious combo that is guaranteed to keep you feeling on top of your game.

Take it anywhere.

Bratty pal that refuses to take the subway? Forget it. Coconut Chia Pod will go wherever you’re going, any way you want. Eat on the move, or take it to the park – the handy spoon under the lid means you don’t need to plan where or when you’re going to eat it. It also looks great (did we mention that cute spoon?) so you’ll be proud to show it off.

Always there when you call.

Morning or night, Coconut Chia Pod is ready when you are. Stop by your local store to grab one on your way to a meeting, class or between appointments. Buy a couple in advance and store them in the fridge for your next ‘need food now’ emergency.