A small step for our planet

Monday 12 June was World Meat Free Day – a day designed to raise the awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat.

Contrary to what many might think, it isn’t about converting everyone to vegetarianism, it’s about promoting a more balanced diet and encouraging us to eat a little less meat throughout the year, and better quality meat when we do eat it.

Swapping the meat on your plate for plant foods will reduce your carbon footprint and save heaps of water.  Even giving up meat for one meal will save you enough carbon emissions to boil a kettle nearly 400 times, and the daily water usage of nine people. It’s better for your health too, with one meat-free meal saving you up to 11g of fat and 90 calories.

At The Chia Co, we are firm believers that everyone should be free to make their own choices around the ethical consumption of meat and animal products. We’re champions of eating healthy, nutritious meals – from vegan to paleo, and everything in between! At the same time, we are also huge advocates for plant-based nutrition, because we believe this is something that is often lacking in many modern diets.

We see World Meat Free Day as a fantastic opportunity to get a little more informed on the topic of eating plant-based diets, to learn about ethical meat consumption, and be empowered to make better choices when you can. Luckily, it’s never been easier to eat meat-free meals with the plant protein in chia making sure you’re still getting the best nutrition on your plate.Try a few of our favourite meatless meals: