Workout Trends for 2019

Here we go again: Another year, another viral workout trend taking over your Instagram feed! From the first jogging craze to the 80s aerobics buzz, fitness has always been dominated by fads. But, while most of the weird, wild, and wonderful workouts don’t stick around longer than a few ‘refreshes’ on your content reel (we’re looking at you, goat yoga!) some bigger-picture trends do have an ongoing impact on the workout world.

Here are just a few of the top trends predicted to impact the way we sweat in 2019:

1. Shorter workouts

Um, yes, please. With the daily advances in scientific understanding around how our muscles and bodies respond to exercise, experts are predicting that our workouts are going to become even more focused on bang-for-buck. Different forms of exercise, short burst “sprints,” shorter HIIT classes, and quick functional sessions are likely to have us working harder — but for just 15mins, rather than those hour-long gym slogs.

2. Work and working out will merge

As the line gets ever blurry between work-and-life, we are likely to see the merging of workspaces with workout spaces. Think advanced gym studios taking residence within corporate office buildings, so suits can get their sweat on between meetings. Similarly, fitness studios might begin adding more areas where people can hop on their laptops and work, post-workout. Sound like you? Check out spacely’s list of  Top Co-Working Spaces for Fitness Fanatics.

3. HIIT with a twist

HIIT itself might not be anything particularly new, but what we will continue to see this year is a rise in the HIIT hybrid classes. Think fusions between HIIT with traditionally slower, strength and stretch based workouts like yoga, pilates and dance, which are just a few of the 32 classes on offer at new fusion studio, Total Fusion. 

4. Sports brands and team workouts

From model workouts, to training alongside your favourite athletes on the Nike Training Club app, the crossover between celebrity and fitness fads is here to stay! This year, we’re likely to see a rise in brands and sports teams collaborating with fitness facilities to bring workouts to their fan base — like the Dallas Cowboys-branded gym in Texas, and the Spartan gym in Miami

5. Mental health more important to fitness than ever

The past year saw mindful running take the world by storm, with Headspace and Nike teaming up to create their now famous guided runs. Meditating is no longer just for yogis; as we begin to learn more about the connection between our mental and physical wellbeing, you can expect to see even more meditation-based workouts hitting the mainstream.