Mid-Year Wellness Checkup

Can you believe that we’re halfway through 2019 already? Time seems to move faster every year — one minute we’re toasting the New Year, the next we’re planning our Christmas holidays again. 

This time of year can be a bit tough for many of us. Not only are we dealing with darker days and winter’s gloomy chill, but work pressures also tend to be building and we don’t have a long weekend in sight. Add to that the sudden panic as we realise we’ve not achieved nearly as much as we had hoped so far this year, and it’s a perfect storm for self-criticism.

But, rather than seeing this time of year as a reason to feel lousy, we believe it’s a fantastic time to pause for a minute and have a mid-year wellness check-in. How well are we looking after ourselves? What practices are we using to honour ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally? Many of us would have set healthy intentions for ourselves in the New Year; are we on track? 

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, research has shown that about half of all adults make these promises to themselves. But, fewer than 10% actually follow through for more than a few months

With another six months to go, there is still time to make an impact on this year. So, what are some things we can do to get ourselves back on track to ensure we can end 2019 feeling proud of our well-est year yet? 

Here are some of our go-to tips for a mid-year wellness checkup:

  • Take a look at your goals for the year. Are they realistic? We can easily set ourselves up for failure if we expect too much of ourselves. 
  • On that note, let’s limit the self-judgement. We need to be kind to ourselves before we do anything else, so it pays to remember that we set ourselves these goals to benefit us, not to beat ourselves up over.
  • Recommit to the wellness practises we might have let slide, such as daily exercise, healthy food choices etc.
  • Practice some mindfulness. Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress. With less stress, we become more motivated and driven to achieve our goals.  
  • Take some time out. Usually at this time of year, our work, family and life pressures are ramping up. It’s a great time to take a little break, get out of town for a weekend away — with space comes perspective.
  • Declutter your workspace or home. Having a clear, tidy space will leave you less stressed and overwhelmed, and create more headspace to keep things on track.
  • Share your goals with someone else, or even team up with a friend who shares your intentions so you can both encourage one another. It’s amazing how motivating a little friendly accountability can be!