John talks chia with triathlon and life coach, Simon Ward

We were so excited this month to have our founder, John Foss, speaking with a renowned triathlon and life coach, Simon Ward, on his popular podcast show.

If you read our interview with Simon Ward last month, you’ll know that he is a life and fitness coach, with a particular interest in helping others being High Performance Humans.

On the podcast, Simon speaks to John about his journey with chia and the building of a new industry, the importance of nutrition for a healthy body and life, and also touched on John’s own personal experience training to compete in triathlon events. It’s a very insightful conversation, touching on a number of topics like:

  • What happened when John explained to his family, with a history of farming wheat, that he wanted to grow a virtually unknown crop and build a new industry – the chia seed industry
  • How and where to grow chia and why it’s good for the environment
  • Why chia, as a credible source of omega-3, protein and insoluble fibre, makes it a healthy addition to your diet
  • The important role of chia in the plant-based diet
  • Chia Fresca or Iskiate, the drink used by the Tarahumara and described in the book “Born To Run”
  • John’s transformation from triathlete to high-performance human

You can listen to the Podcast on Simon Ward’s website, or find it on his Apple podcast channel.