Heads up healthy fitsters. New season Chia Pods® have dropped.

New season Chia Pods® have dropped this month across Australia in over 500 Woolworth’s stores and leading independents. Apple Spice and Banana Mango will available from November 7th nationally.

Made with sun ripened Australian grown chia seed blended with coconut milk, apple and spices, the Apple Spice Chia Pod® can be enjoyed both hot and cold and contains your daily requirement of Omega 3 ALA and is 20% of your daily recommended intake of dietary fibre.

Mango Banana Chia Pod® made with a refreshing blend of mango, banana and apple is equally high in Omega 3 and a great source of fibre and contains no added sugar.

Perfect for eating on the go. Chia Pod® combines sun ripened chia seeds grown in the Kimberley region of Western Australia with only natural plant based ingredients.  Free from artificial flavours or preservatives. Gluten free, dairy-free and vegan, it is a great natural energy breakfast or snack with the perfect combination of healthy fats, fibre and plant based protein.

Founder and Chairman of The Chia Co, Australian farmer John Foss is excited to launch these new season Chia Pod® variants, which offers consumers a convenient way to support their health goals.

“Consumers are seeking more plant based foods, want to know more about natural growing methods and seeking less processed foods. Chia Pods® positively respond to these needs in a convenient pack format that supports a healthy lifestyle”.

The Chia Co are passionate about positive plant based nutrition and grow chia in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia. They bring chia to Australian consumers in the simplest form; pure, clean and sun ripened and carefully combine their chia seeds with wholefoods to create positively simple products consumers can conveniently enjoy every day.  For more details on The Chia Co range of products visit. thechiaco.com

New Chia Pod® retail at Woolworths $2.99.

About The Chia Co

John Foss, farmer and chairman, founded The Chia Co® to make a positive contribution to the health and wellness of the global community by making the nutrition of chia available to everyone, every day. In just over ten years, The Chia Co® has become the largest producer of sustainable grown chia, working with passionate Australian farmers to grow the highest quality chia and managing a completely transparent supply chain – like a farmer’s market, on a global scale.  Recognizing a gap in the market for nutritious breakfast options, The Chia Co® launched Chia Pod® in 2013, an innovative product combining the nutrition of chia with real fruit and coconut milk or almond milk. The success of this product has been followed with the recent launch of The Chia Co Salad and Breakfast boosters.