Five great fitness apps for the holiday season.

Ahhh, the festive season. A time to rest and recharge… When you have all the ‘you’ time you need, and every day starts with a leisurely 90min yoga session at your favourite studio, followed by a green smoothie…  

Not exactly, huh?

Finding time to maintain a regular exercise routine can be tricky any time of year, but over the holidays it becomes pretty much impossible. Our regular schedules get thrown into chaos, every day is jam packed with activities, and we have a million things competing for our attention. Add an out-of-town holiday into the mix, and before you know it you’ve let three weeks slip by without squeezing in a single workout.

Once a routine is broken, getting back on track can be hard. And with all the extra indulging you’ll be doing this Christmas, trying to maintain some form of regular exercise becomes even more essential for your wellbeing. Thankfully, the solution to your workout dilemma could be just a phone swipe away.

Fitness Apps are a fantastic way to make sure you can squeeze in a workout whenever you find a spare moment and no matter where in the world you are. Here are a few of our favourites:


Great for both men and women, Freeletics has more than 900 workouts pre-loaded which can last anywhere from 10-30mins. The exercises are bodyweight based, which makes them perfect for when your regular gym or studio isn’t an option – you can literally do it anywhere and anytime, at the office, a hotel, or your living room. The app offers a mix of running, strength and cardio exercises, which can be tailored to your own personal preferences.

Zombies, run.

The name says it all, really. If you’re someone who struggles to find the motivation for running, this app guarantees to get you moving. It combines the thrill of a zombie apocalypse storyline with game elements which will have your running like you’ve never run before. Put your headphones, press start and before you know it you’ll be dodging zombies as you follow orders from the voice recordings. You’ll be so distracted by the game, you won’t even realise you’ve just completed a workout!

Daily Yoga

A beautiful, simple approach to yoga which is perfect for people under a time crunch. 50 different classes – all under 30mins – offer sequences that are each designed with a specific focus,  like abs, back and chest. There are also classes that offer a chance to finesse your yoga skills, such as standing yoga and sun salutation. It’s great for the seasoned pro and beginner alike, with three different intensity levels and several durations to choose from.

Nike Training Club 

With more than 100 workouts designed by professional trainers and athletes, Nike+ Training Club comes with everything you’d expect from a world-leading fitness brand. It’s a fantastic starting point for those who need a little motivation and offers a four-week program which is customisable, making it great for all fitness levels.


Another impressive body-weight app that helps you workout anywhere, anytime. It offers strength and cardio routines, alongside a selection of yoga and pilates workouts. What we like the most about Sworkit is how customisable it is: you tell the app how much time you have available (from 5min to an hour), and what type of workout you’re after, and Sworkit delivers a routine that’s perfect for you.