Chia for Mums

Mums: aka, real-life superheroes. From day one the wellness of mums is integral to the whole family. But, all too often, mothers end up putting the needs of everyone else before themselves.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year we want to shine a light on how important quality nutrition is to mums, and to encourage everyone to support the mums we know to make their own wellbeing a top priority.

During Pregnancy

It is so important that woman have high-quality nutrition while they are pregnant. Not only do mums-to-be need to have strong, healthy bodies during those nine long months for their own wellbeing and recovery, but a healthy diet can also have a lasting impact on the little bundle of joy they are creating.

Professor Felice Jacka, director of the Food and Mood Centre in Australia, says that there’s an evidence-based link between the food a mother consumes during pregnancy and the emotional health of their child shown in this groundbreaking study from 2013. What’s more, poor nutrition during pregnancy has been linked to higher chances of obesity and raised cholesterol levels.

Chia seeds can provide an excellent source of nutrients during pregnancy. The rich plant-based omega-3 fats help to facilitate healthy placental blood flow, promoting an efficient exchange of oxygen and nutrients between mother and baby. The high fibre content in chia can also assist in a healthy digestive function. This is really valuable during pregnancy, with a common complaint for many women being sluggish digestion and constipation.

After Delivery

The importance of nutrition for mums doesn’t stop after they give birth, either, especially those who are breastfeeding. Lactation requires a lot of energy and what we choose to eat can greatly affect milk supply. This article lists chia seeds as one of the twelve best foods for breastfeeding mums due to the high fibre and fatty acid concentration.

The omega-3’s in chia also promote heart health and can help build lean muscle mass for overall strength, keeping new mummies full of the energy they need to get through the day (and night!). The antioxidants in chia also offer a great benefit, helping to fight free radicals and promote wellbeing.

While pregnancy and early parenthood can be a challenging time for a lot of mums, one thing that shouldn’t be hard is getting a nutritious, balanced diet. Adding a tablespoon of chia to your diet every day is one of the simplest ways to ensure you’re getting a healthy dose of fibre, fats and plant-based protein. Take a look at our recipes for some inspiration on how to make the essential nutrition of chia a delicious part of your day.