Chia 4 Ways

For most of us, eating healthy everyday is only realistic if it works in with our busy lifestyles. That’s why one of the best things about chia – on top of it’s powerful nutritional profile, of course – is that it’s just so easy to include it in your day-to-day eating.

With no discernable flavour, and no processing needed (you can eat it right off the plant!) chia is one of the simplest ways to get more healthy nutrition into your diet.

We know that trying to eat a healthier diet can be a little daunting at first for some people. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a healthy eating expert or full-time green smoothie guzzler to get the benefits of chia – just add it in to your regular meals and snacks for a healthy boost of fibre, protein, omega 3 and antioxidants.



Here are our top four ways to get a little chia into your everyday:

The most important (and too often skipped) meal of the day! This is a great time to get a dose of chia into your diet because it’ll set you up with a great start with slow-release energy.

  • How: Sprinkle or Mix into your favourite breakfast go-tos like oatmeal, smoothies, avocado toast or yoghurt
  • Our go to: Brekkie Smoothie Bowl


Skip the greasy noodle bowl or boring sandwich and add a little chia to your lunch break. With its balance of fibre, protein and fat, chia helps to stabilise blood sugar and keep you fuelled with slow, steady energy through the afternoon, helping you avoid that 4pm trip to the vending machine!

  • How: Thicken and Stir chia into your soups, salads or smoothies, mix a tablespoon into the mayo for your pita wrap, or use it as an extra dipper for your sushi rolls.
  • Our go to:  Broccoli Soup


Round off your day with a delicious and healthy dinner. Chia is also an excellent source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to promote a good mood, good sleep and a sense of calm – the perfect nightcap!

  • How: Bake or Grill chia into your breads and quiches, or use as a crunchy coating for salmon. Stir into hot pots, add it to your BBQ side salads, mix it into mashed potato… the options are endless!
  • Our go to: Buckwheat Pizza

When: Snacks
It doesn’t matter how iron-willed you are, there are some days where snacking is simply non-negotiable. And there’s nothing wrong with eating between meals as long as you choose wisely. Your mid morning or pre-gym nibble is a great time to add a little chia boost.

  • How: Blend and Bind chia seeds into your favourite snacks like bliss balls, muesli bars, stir it into your hummus and scoop onto carrot sticks, make a chia pudding, or simply stir it into a green juice.
  • Our go to: Vegan Raspberry Chia Bars

Still a little unsure how to include chia in your diet? Here are some final FAQs that might help:

Do I need to grind or mill the seeds?

Nope! Chia is totally digestible in its whole seed form. The chia seed shell actually provides insoluble fibre, which is really beneficial for your digestive health. If you’re not used to eating a lot of fibre it might take a little while for your digestion to adjust – you can soften the chia seeds by letting them gel in a little liquid before consuming, and start with a smaller dose until your tummy gets used to it.

Does chia’s nutrition get affected by cooking?

It really doesn’t! You can use chia in soups, stews, baking, roasted vegetables, pretty much anything and it’s nutrition will not be compromised. The only thing that can affect chia is super hot flash frying, so we recommend avoiding that.

Is it vegan and gluten free?

Yes! Chia is great for those on free-from diets because it delivers such powerful nutrition. It’s a particular star for vegan diets because it contains a healthy dose of plant protein, and can even be used to replace eggs in baking.