Back to School Lunchbox Heros

In the mad rush that is school mornings, making sure we’re sending our little learners off on their day armed with the perfect, nutritious lunch can be quite the headache.

We’ve all been there: a lost footy boot, forgotten homework assignment, missed school bus… before you know it, you’re reaching for your purse and praying the tuck shop has something half way decent on offer. While a naughty lunch once in a while is not the end of the world, being armed with a couple of healthy (and delicious!) go to snack options for lunch boxes could be all the difference you need to keep on top of things.

To get things started on the right foot this school year, we’ve asked our friend @HealthyFrenchWife to share with us some of her tried-and-true lunchbox saviors. These tasty treats are packed with chia nutrition to power little ones through the day – they’re also nut free, and low in sugar:

Chocolate Chia Cookies:

Wholemeal flour, chia seeds and coconut oil give these cookies a healthy balance of fibre and fats, perfect for an afternoon energy boost. What’s more, you can use a dairy-free milk to make these a great option for lactose-free eaters. Here’s the how to >

Chia Oat Bliss Balls:

These delicious little morsels are so fast to whip up  and they keep for over a week in the fridge. This means you can make a batch on Sunday and have a healthy, tasty lunchbox treat ready to roll the whole week ahead! Here’s the how to >