Guaranteed Nutrition, Because We Grow It Ourselves

The way your food is grown has a major impact on its level of nutrition.

Chia is a latitude specific crop and needs to be grown within 15-20 degrees of the equator.  To ensure its rich nutritional content, the chia plant must be exposed to the natural but complex process of specific day length, water and sunshine that develops the omega-3 oil profile, fiber, protein and antioxidants in the seed. This ripening process is also what helps develop the seeds natural outer coat colour.

When you look at your chia seeds, they should be black speckled or white. There is no nutritional difference between the black and white seeds, it’s purely the colour of the seed coat that differs.

At The Chia Co we grow our chia at exactly 15 degrees from the equator, providing long daylight hours and maximum sun. We use gravity-fed irrigation to ensure the quality and nutritional profile of every batch of seed.  We also test every batch to confirm the rich omega-3 content and nutritional profile of our chia seeds.

We can guarantee the nutrition of our chia because we grow it ourselves. Every packet of chia is fully traceable back to the paddock on which it was grown. We ensure that when you eat chia you are getting the essential nutrients you are promised.