Our Story


In 2003, Australian farmer John Foss founded The Chia Co with a strong vision: to improve the health of the global community by making chia available to everyone, every day.

Pioneer of the sustainable farming genre, John comes from a family tree stacked with four generations of farming in their blood. Enlisting the help of local farmers who shared his vision, John established the world's largest scale sustainable chia farms in Western Australia. He also set up a completely transparent supply chain, ensuring fair value for every person involved along the way – like a farmer's market model, on a global scale.

In 2007, after a few years of agronomic research and trials, entrepreneurial farmers Robert Boshammer and Tim Croot joined The Chia Co as partners to help John take this important seed to a global market.

John Foss
CEO & President, Director
Robert Boshammer
Director 2007 - 2012
Tim Croot
Director 2007 - 2012

In 2012, John Foss and COO April Helliwell gained new USA based partners VO2 Partners and Arlon Group to support the company’s fast growth and global expansion.  The Chia Co formed a new board of directors including Stacy Madison, founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips.  

April Helliwell
COO, The Chia Co
Stacy Madison
Founder of Stacy's Pita Chips
Ben Fishman
Arlon Group
Anders Peterson
V02 Partners


 Founder John Foss created The Chia Co three leaf logo to represent the company’s commitment to triple bottom line sustainability.



  • Make a positive contribution to public health by making Chia available to as many people as possible 
  • Educate the global community on the value of good nutrition and Chia’s role in that
  • Provide fair value to all communities we operate in and help build those communities in which we farm


  • Grow Chia in perfect harmony with nature, improving nature’s gifts along the way 
  • Use natural, gravity-fed watering methods 
  • All natural harvesting and sun-ripening 
  • Minimize total environmental impact


  • A long-term global initiative ensuring that Chia is in a vital part of the world’s diet in 50-100 years 
  • Make Chia available at a fair value to the global community 
  • Invest profits in future growth, more nutritious chia