Chia Pod Oats

Chia Pod Oats from The Chia Co

A delicious, ready to ‘heat and eat’ breakfast option, Chia Pod Oats combines wholegrain oats with sun ripened chia, fruit and virgin coconut oil to produce a smooth and creamy texture, while remaining dairy-free.

Chia Pod Oats contain 7g of fiber per serve. Coconut oil - which gives our Chia Pod Oats a smooth, creamy consistency - provides healthy, medium chain fatty acids to fuel our muscles and brain.  

The virgin coconut oil in Chia Pod Oats may solidify when chilled, however this will naturally soften with warming. Gently sitr Chia Pod Oats after heating to mix through.

Our Chia Pod Oats container is made from BPA-free, food grade polypropylene plastic which is completely safe for microwave heating.