Eat and Run

Marathon runners who include Chia in their diets report that they do not get excessive cramping, get through their runs easier than before they started eating Chia and do not feel like they get ‘heavy lead like’ legs during their run. These statements are not new to the ancient Central American tribes who have been using Chia as an energy food for centuries. The Tarahumara Indians would run all day on the energy of chia seeds mixed with water and lemon juice.

Chia has long been revered as the perfect food for runners and last Sunday 4000 Australian runners got a taste of the what the Tarahumara Indian runners have known about for centuries. Runners today eat Chia to increase their energy levels, aid joint mobility and contribute to muscle repair. The Chia Co, along with Bakers Delight Chia Bread and Nudie Chia Breakfast Juice, attended the Sydney Running Festival and shared the nutritional benefits of Chia seed and Chia products with the hungry and thirsty running crowd.

Known for its hydration benefits and assisting with preparation and recovery in distance events, Chia provided the perfect nutritional boost for the runners post event. Many of the runners were relieved to find real and nutritious foods on offer at the end of their 42.5km foot journey at The Chia Co hydration station! Chia is the perfect running food as it is rich in fibre, protein, Omega 3 and antioxidants. Chia holds 16 times its weight in water, prolonging hydration in distance events. The rich fibre content slows the conversion of carbohydrate to sugar and provides a sustained release of energy. The Omega 3 in Chia promotes a healthy heart and lean muscle mass for strength. Chia’s complete protein helps with cell and tissue regeneration and the antioxidants fight free radicals that attack our immune system.

Whether you’re a professional marathon runner, a weekend warrior on the running track like me, or a parent running around after your kids, Chia has the nutritional boost to sustain your energy! For great Chia recipes and to learn how Chia may benefit your running visit http://www.thechiaco.com.au/content/eat-and-run-australian-grown-chia And for all of those runners preparing for the New York Marathon in November, keep your eye out for the Australian Grown Chia Eat and Run bonus in your running packs! The ING NYC Marathon November 6, New York, NY

Have a fantastic week everyone, John Foss