Prawn, avocado and quinoa salad with chia dressing

Prep Time 10min
Total Time 25min
Serves 2
90g prawns, raw
100g rocket
90g quinoa
1 avocado
Small bunch coriander
1 tbsp chia seeds

Cook the quinoa according to the packet and leave to cool slightly.
In a medium pan on a high heat warm a drizzle of olive oil. Once hot add in the prawns with a bit of the lime zest and juice, and cook until just pink all over (just a few minutes).
In a suitable container mix the mustard, extra virgin olive oil and the juice of 2 whole limes. Mix together until well combined and stir through the chia seeds.
Pick the coriander leaves, slice the avocado and mix with the remaining salad ingredients. Spoon over as much of the dressing as you wish, season with salt and pepper and serve with any remaining lime wedges.
Make the dressing in a jam jar so it is easy to shake together and then store in the fridge for future salads.