Helping every woman Be:FIT

We were excited this month to be involved in the Be:FIT tour bus, sharing our chia shots with women across the UK on a two week fitness tour.

Be:FIT is Europe’s largest fitness festival designed exclusively for women and this summer, the team have been taking their message out across the UK. From 29 July, the Be:FIT bus rolled through a number of UK cities, providing women with free workshops, fitness classes, pop-up protein and lunch stations and drop-in advice sessions with PTs and other wellness professionals.

Be:FIT founders Chelsea Cox and Rachel Chatham are passionate about empowering women to take charge of their fitness. With research showing that only one in five women in the UK do enough exercise, The Be:FIT team are on a mission to combat what they believe to be some of the key issues behind this: low self-esteem, body image and the lack of non-competitive spaces for women to exercise in.

Through the Be:FIT Tour, the crew are reaching as many people as possible, and inspiring a new audience of women to become passionate about health and fitness, and gain self-esteem with their own body image. By concentrating on female fitness, they’ve been able to create ‘a safe and intimidation free environment’ where women can enjoy working out and learning how to improve their health.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel confident, safe and in charge of their wellness, and are very proud to support Be:FIT in their mission.