The most exciting thing to hit your Woolies shelf in a long time.

There aren’t many things in life that make us happier than a perfect match. And getting to work with the crew at Be Natural to develop a delicious, healthier new product was exactly that!

Introducing the most exciting thing to hit your Woolies shelf in a long time: Be Natural Chia Exotic Berry Bites. These tasty little bites are packed with energy-boosting nutrition , making them a great snack or lunchtime addition. Not only is every Bite packed with 25% of our sun-ripened chia seeds, they also boast a veritable ‘who’s who’ of other nutritious ingredients, like Goji berries, rolled oats and tahini sesame seed paste. Every bite contains over 1000mg of omega 3- ALA and is a source of fibre.

We love Be Natural because, like us, they’re all about making the quality nutrition from plant based food ingredients easy to access, every day. And just like us, a predominantly plant based diet and a positive approach to healthy eating are at the foundation of their philosophy. The Be Natural team is on a mission to promote plant based ingredients and support their benefits. They aim to champion healthier lifestyles and make healthier foods the easier choices – and we couldn’t agree with their vision more. You can read more about their philosophy on their website.

Keep an eye out for the new Be Natural Chia Exotic Berry Bites in your local Woolworths and IGA stores!