Morning Rituals at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast

Research has shown that one of the most effective ways to bring more balance and wellness into your day is by having a healthy morning routine.  And, earlier this month, we were excited to share our favourite morning rituals with visitors to the Chia Chill Out lounge at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast. The tips we learned at the Chia Chill Out lounge were so important, we wanted to share it with you all! So, for the next few months we’ll be taking you through the top tips for healthy morning ritual from each of our experts.

First up: Leanne Ward, the @The_Fitness_Dietitian

Leanne is an Australian dietitian, nutritionist and sports dietitian who believes that anyone, of any age and at any stage of their life, can make positive changes for a healthier and happier, future.

Here are Leanne’s tips for a healthy start to the day:

Wake up calmly.
“I used to set an alarm which would scare me half to death when it went off each morning, then I’d snooze it multiple times and often be running late by the time I dragged myself out of bed. This year, I have been trialling a sleep app which sets my wake up time between a certain time frame (eg. 20 mins) and wakes me up when I’m in my lightest stage of sleep. I wake up feeling relaxed and well rested.”

Your environment.
“Your personal space has a huge impact on your mind and mood. If your room or house is cluttered or messy, this can make you feel anxious or stressed. Alternatively, if you have a light, breezy open space to wake up to in the morning, then you’re more likely to wake up feeling relaxed, calm and zen. If you happen to live in a small apartment or similar, try going for a short walk when you just wake up or head out to your balcony for some light stretching.”

Your mindset.
“You need to figure out your ‘why’. If you want to improve your health and wellness, you need a burning desire from within. When you connect with the WHY, it’ll make achieving goals and dreams that much easier. To get to the heart of your intention, I like to a
sk ‘why?’ five times  – this makes sure I’m getting to the root cause.

For example, I want to take charge of my own health because: 1) I want to fix my stomach issues. WHY? 2) I’m sick of feeling bloated and in pain all day. WHY? 3) I want to enjoy life and have a better quality of life. WHY? 4) Because I want to go hang with my partner, my friends and family whenever I want. WHY? 5) Because I love and value spending time with them.

If you don’t have a deeper meaning or purpose for doing something that most often then not – you’ll fail at it as it’s not that important to you.”

Stretch and set an intention for the day.
“I try to do five minutes of stretching every day to wake my muscles up and allow me to feel a bit more energetic for the day ahead.”

Focus on the positives.
“If yesterday was a bad day, try and focus on doing something productive that morning. 
Be thankful and gracious – I never leave my room without naming at least one thing I’m grateful for.”

Nourish your body.
“Lastly, the most important part of a healthy morning routine comes down to nourishing your body properly. I try to have at least one plant-based meal per day. A lot of my recipes are plant-based as I believe in using local and sustainable produce, and I also believe in a future where our children can still enjoy the planet and the animals in it.

Breakfast is the easiest way for me to include some high-quality plant-based ingredients into my morning routine. There’s been a lot of research regarding omega 3s and their beneficial effect on health and inflammation, and chia is an excellent source of plant-based omega 3s, so I try to add chia to my breakfast whenever I can.”