Harvest time on our farms

Many of our customers are surprised (pleasantly) when they learn that not only do we supply and distribute the highest quality chia seeds, we actually grow them ourselves on our farms in Kununurra, Western Australia.

Right now, our farms are looking their most spectacular, with the chia plants in full flower. So we thought it was a great time to take some footage and share a little with you about the journey our chia seeds take from the farm to your table.


In about a month’s time, we will begin swathing our chia. It will then be left to dry naturally in the sun for seven days before being harvested, approximately in the last week in September.

Where a lot of chia farmers use chemicals to fast track the ripening process, we let our chia ripen naturally in the sun which allows the seeds to grow ripe in omega-3 oils. We also use gravity fed irrigation rather than relying on rainfall, which is a highly sustainable farming practice that leaves zero carbon footprint and protects the environment. It also makes sure that our chia plants receive the optimum amounts of water to develop consistently high omega-3 levels and that we can enjoy chia all year round. Take a look at our founder, John Foss, explaining our sustainable irrigation system:

After the chia is harvested, we use rotatory crops – chickpeas, cucurbits (honey melon or rock melon) and pumpkins – to keep the soil healthy and ready for the next chia crop to be planted.