Bondi Harvest boys visit our farm

Earlier this year our favourite surfing foodies Guy and Mark (Bondi Harvest) paid a visit to our chia farms in Kununurra and spent an afternoon with our founder, John Foss, and one of our farmers, Fritz, to learn about all things chia.

The boys were in town as part of the Ord Valley Muster Festival’s Food & Wine event, FEASTival. Inspired by the vast beauty of the region, they were keen to explore more of the area, learn about the diverse range of produce on offer, and get to know a few of the authentic characters in the Ord Valley community.

They visited the stunning Lake Argyle and toured our farm with John and Fritz to learn the history of growing chia in the Ord Valley, and in particular how our sustainable farming practices contribute to not only a cleaner environmental impact but also enable us to produce chia with consistently high levels of nutrition.

As chefs and food bloggers passionate about healthy, balanced living, Guy and Mark were very interested to learn about the unique nutrition of chia and why it makes such a great addition to modern diets. They also learned about the versatility of the seeds, which they were then able to demonstrate first-hand by creating three great recipes.

To hear from Bondi Harvest and see the recipes they created, take a look at these great video blogs: