Wellness goals for 2019

Happy New Year! While the clock ticking over from one year to the next is really more symbolic than anything else, the New Year period does usually give us a little more breathing space for self-reflection. Time away from work and the break from our regular day-to-day routines offers a valuable pause from the usual rinse-and-repeat […]

Joel Feren

Joel Feren is @The_NutritionGuy, an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist. He regularly consults to the food industry and in private practice, helping clients to achieve improved health with good nutrition. Joel believes that dietitians working in the food industry can play a fundamental role in improving the nutritional quality of our food. He also […]

John Foss Bio

John Foss is the pioneering visionary behind The Chia Co, the world’s largest producer of Chia seeds. Founded in 2003 in Australia’s Kimberley region, the company has now expanded to supply 36 countries globally. A fourth generation farmer, John grew up on the West Australian wheat belt and began his career growing commodity products. After […]