Hydrate and run!

Emma Morris is a highly qualified and experienced Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. Here Emma speaks to The Chia Co. on how chia improves overall endurance by helping you stay hydrated longer.

“Even minor losses of fluid from your body through sweat can cause you to lose concentration and get tired more quickly. Thirst is a poor sign for you to drink. If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, you need to start drinking early.

It is better to adopt a pattern of drinking small volumes regularly rather than trying to tolerate large volumes all at once.  You can easily estimate your own fluid requirements by weighing yourself before and after exercise.  Each kilogram of weight lost is equivalent to 1L of fluid. For example, if you finish an exercise session 1kg lighter and consumed 1L of fluid during the session you have a total fluid loss of 2L.

Once your sweat losses are known, a plan can be prepared to help you achieve better fluid replacement. Most athletes can tolerate 200-300ml every 15-20min but tolerance will vary according to intensity.

Adding 1tbsp of chia seed to a 250ml glass of water daily for the 4 days before the run can assist with increasing your hydration.  It is a great food for runners because it holds 16 times its weight in water, making a thick gel in your stomach that prolongs hydration. The gel also slows the conversion of carbohydrates to blood sugar, providing sustained energy. This is what makes chia seed great for endurance or long distance sport events as well.

Chia is a wholegrain that contains a rich concentration of essential fatty acids, with 60% of the fat coming from omega 3 and 20% from omega 6, considered the perfect balance for healthy human tissue and lean muscle mass.

Chia is also rich in complete protein with all nine essential amino acids. We recommend eating 15g or 1tbsp of chia seed every day to naturally fuel your body with the essential base nutrition.

Chia can be eaten directly from the plant, naturally and without any processing, resulting in your body getting the full benefits of chia’s amazing nutritional profile. To ensure you are getting premium quality chia, always check the labels for The Chia Co. logo for the purest and highest quality chia available today.

Eat well and stay healthy.”

About Emma Morris

She has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement as well as a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has fifteen years’ experience working in private practice. Her clients include triathletes, marathoners and elite professional sports people. She has been a consultant to The Chia Company for over eight years.