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(New York, New York) - 
The Chia Co, The world's largest producer of Chia seeds and innovator in Chia consumer products, has partnered with eleven-time world champion professional surfer, Kelly Slater. The partnership is a result of Slater’s and Founder and CEO of The Chia Co, John Foss’, shared passion for nutrition and vision to make a positive change in health and wellness. This marks the first partnership for the brand, and is aligned with their dedication to elevating the awareness of the benefits of Chia on a global level, as well as the larger correlation between a healthy diet and wellbeing.

An organic relationship from the start, The Chia Co first approached Slater upon noticing an image on Instagram, in which Slater showed he was eating Chia seeds and Coconut milk for breakfast. From here, the conversation began, with the shared goal to create a larger voice in advocacy for living healthier lives.

“All generations are inspired by what Kelly has achieved, not only as an athlete but the way he lives his life,” John Foss states. “When we saw Chia seeds were part of his diet, it was only natural to make a connection.”

This month, as a first step in the partnership, Slater visited The Chia Co farm in Western Australia. Slater toured the farm, visited the farmers, learned about the local area and means in which the seeds are grown.

Slater notes, “Food for me is about being able to know first-hand what I’m working with and where it comes from so that I can educate more people about it. To me, the biggest story I took away from the farm, was the passion of the farmers for the seeds. It was so interesting to hear them talk, the passion they have for them and the effect it has on people in the local area. This is a product that is so healthy for people and that is going worldwide. You can tell it’s an honor for them to be growing this plant.

Founded in 2003, Foss created The Chia Co based on a bold vision that he could create change in the way people eat as well as how food is produced. A fourth generation farmer, Foss strives to produce the highest quality seeds, grown on their own farms in Western Australia. Foss developed the farm with a commitment to sustainability, stemming from responsible farming techniques, and threading through to their distribution methods and product packaging.

Beyond the seed, The Chia Co is dedicated to creating innovative products, and has recently launched the Chia Pod®, a new product which was one of the key reasons Slater partnered with the brand. Dairy free and vegan, the Chia Pod® contains no added sugar and is made from just three ingredients – Chia seeds, coconut milk, and real fruit. With one 6 ounce Pod® containing a full day’s serving of Omega 3’s and 25% of the recommended daily fiber intake, The Chia Co developed the Pod® as part of their commitment to making Chia more accessible and easily integrated into the daily diets of people on-the-go.

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