New Product Launch - June 2014

On Wednesday 11 June, we launched our new line of breakfast products to our blogging, online, print and television media friends over breakfast and lunch at The Standard, NYC. 

Over breakfast, attendees had the opportunity to learn how we make our Chia Pod Bircher Müesli step by step, under the expert guidance of the chef who helped us create them: Adam Melonas, while lunchtime consisted of an intimate, specially crafted sit-down meal alongside our founder and CEO, John Foss.

At both functions, John shared his vision and passion for wholefood nutrition, transparent supply chains and connecting consumers with the farmers who grow their food. 

John's commitment to improving the dietary health of the global community is the driving force behind our product development. 

  • Chia Pod Bircher Müesli is available now at Whole Foods Markets in New York, with more regions to follow. Chia Pod Oats will be available in all Whole Foods Markets across US this month (individual store launch dates may vary). 
  • Chia Pod Bircher Müesli and Chia Pod Oats available in Australia from 25 August, Oats+Chia available in Australia from 15 September.
  • Chia Pod Oats will be available in UK later this month, and Oats+Chia currently available in select Tesco stores.
  • Further stockists/availability to be announced.