Authentic Food

For over 100 years my family has been farming in Western Australia, it’s in our blood.  Both of my grandfathers were farmers and my dad, uncle and all of my brothers are farmers.  We understand the need for high quality nutritious food in our community and we take our role of contributing to health and wellbeing through food seriously.

If you ask me about a packet of our Chia that you bought at your local health food store I can tell you exactly where it was grown, how many hours of sunlight and water the crop received, when it was harvested and the complete nutritional profile of the seeds.  Our Chia is authentic and comes with a quality and nutrition guarantee.  To me food authenticity means more than just an ingredients list or a country of origin stamp, but information about how and where the food is produced and information that is transparent, reliable and trustworthy.

As a farmer I feel responsible to make a difference, to make healthy food choices full of nutrients available and in a convenient form.   Our Chia seed and Chia Pod range is all natural, clean labeled, real food.  All of the ingredients are sustainably grown and presented to you in packaging that is recyclable. 

The big food companies said no, said it couldn’t be done.

We didn’t listen.

John Foss - Founder, Farmer and CEO, The Chia Co